Piazza san carlo, the mayor helped create the critical picture: That’s why the hang was condemned.

Piazza san carlo, the mayor helped create the critical picture: That's why the hang was condemned.

The torino syndicate, clear appendage, did not limit itself to having omissive conducts but contributed to the creation of the critical framework within which on 3 June 2017 he maturò la Trama di piazza san carlo during the screening of the final of champions league real Madrid-Juventus cost the life to two people and in which 1700 people were injured. The French judge oats it in the motives of the sentence with which the mayor was sentenced to a year and a half for a man-made murder, a coupted disaster and multiple injuries. According to the court was the mayor himself who “decided to carry out the event in Piazza san carlo without taking into account the aspects related to the safety of the event.

The judge emphasizes that “the mayor was also councilman with specific delegation to events. There was therefore no further intermediate subject called to exercise vigilance on the implementation of the political address and to interface with the administrative offices to assess the sustainability of the event from the security point of view”. Read also: torino, who are the 5 condemned for the tragedy of piazza san carlo and for what they pay