Ptazeta: “We camouflage our eyes with a bandage of progress that does not exist”


Rhystic and resolute, its character overwhelmed after just crossing a couple of sentences. “What I’ve noticed most is to stop working as a waitress 14 hours, 16, 12. holding people. I know how much 50 euros are, which is what I was charging for 10 hours of work, and now, fuck, I’m valued in another way,” proud sentence.

Although he confesses, “it has been all so suddenly that, it has not come to me, but it has unbalanced me.” Natural arucas, in the north of a great canaria, says that it was not until a couple of years ago when his artistic vocation was taken seriously. “Let’s go, what I was going out there, like anyone else,” he says.

He even came to the casting of a big brother when he reached the age of majority: “a little more and I fell into it. There I was completely convinced – and I still- that I know to win the program.” They’ve already released some more than a dozen songs and much more than a million plays.

Curiously, Mommy, the single that catapulted them to success, was kept in a drawer for months. Once it came out in the light a few weeks was enough for the internet to do its magic. It began to share and until then unknown ptazeta went to lead the spider success list in spotify.

With the covid, I had the feeling of being lost because you’re in the same place as usual, but everything moves around.” One of the things that most have drawn attention to ptazeta letters is that they are addressed to women. “I don’t know, I thought, “why don’t they do this if it’s the most natural thing in the world?It’s true that I’ve seen people who know it’s open in that sense and maybe they’ve done the opposite to please.

“I have always said that they camouflage our eyes with a bandage of progress that does not actually exist. I don’t know if you understand me. They talk about progress and then I see things so disparate on TV, on social media.

I say, wow, you think people are going super-advanced, but no. It is our generation that has to have another approach because, if not, there is no progress.” After the illusion of celebrating the first concert of his career – it was last April in the riviera,- he does not want to unveil so plans.

“I prefer that I make pum suddenly and people find something and say wow, but I don’t put any goals. As far as I can get there, I’m going to pull forward.”