Corona: Cretan wants to loosen after first vaccination

Corona: Cretan wants to loosen after first vaccination
Statements der Ministerpraesidenten im Rahmen der 1000. Sitzung des Bundesrat in Berlin Aktuell, 12.02.2021, Berlin, Michael Kretschmer CDU der Ministerpraesident von Sachsen im Portrait beim Interview im Rahmen der 1000. Sitzung des Bundesrat in Berlin Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** Statements of the Ministerpraesidenten in the context of the 1000 meeting of the Bundesrat in Berlin Current, 12 02 2021, Berlin, Michael Kretschmer CDU the Ministerpraesident of Saxonia in the portrait with the interview in the context of the 1000 meeting of the Bundesrat in Berlin Berlin Germany

Covid-19 newsblogkretschmer: loosening after first astrazeneca vaccination conceivable15.05.2021, 20:28 uhr | afp, dpa, rtr, t-onlinesachsen’s minister President michael kretschmer (cdu:) “who is vaccinated with astrazeneca should get more freedoms after three weeks after the first dose.” (Source: imago images)a neighborland serves as a model: sachsen’s ministerial president has expressed himself for more freedoms even after the first dosis astrazeneca. According to Johns-Hopkins University, more than 161 million people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide, around 3.35 million have died.

In Germany, more than 3.5 million people have been tested positiw, as the robert Koch-Institut reports. The number of deaths associated with a corona infection is more than 86,000 (stand: 15. Kretschmer wants to loosen after first Astrazeneca vaccinationthe Saxon ministerial president michael kretschmer (cdu) calls for more freedoms when traveling also for citizens who have previously only received a first dose of the Corona vaccine astrazeneca.

I can imagine a relief very well: who is vaccinated with astrazeneca should get more freedoms after three weeks after the first dose,” said the berliner morning mail. “the protection is very good after the first Astrazeneca vaccination.” For the vaccine of astrazeneca, after a decision by the federal and national authorities, priority has now been cancelled with a fixed order.

In consultation with the doctor you can also decide freely when to take place in the approved spann from four to twelve weeks the Astrazeneca vaccination. The full vaccination protection is only achieved after the second vaccination. The continuous inoculation commission recommends for the preparation a distance of 12 weeks between first and second doses.

The effectiveness of a two-way vaccination at a distance of four to eight weeks, according to a report by the European Authorisation Authority ema, is 50.4 percent. At 12 and more weeks, they are up to 72.1 percent to 82.4 percent. (source: czarek Sokolowski/AP/dpa)polen opens outdoor gassonomy and looses masqueradein polen has reopened the external gas economy after more than six months.

The customers can only occupy every second table, as the agency pap reported on Saturday. In many large cities, people celebrated the reopening of bars and restaurants in the evening to Saturday in free. “we should always have a mask, for the case that we go inside,” stressed a spokesman of the Ministry of Health.

The Polish authorities reported on Saturday 2.896 corona new infections and 298 deaths within 24 hours. Frau gets vaccination in bayern: in a landscape a special vaccination with Astrazeneca vaccine was made to success. (Source: action Pictures/imago images)850 people in bayern stand for vaccinationa special vaccination in the district ebersberg has caused a great deal on Saturday.

About 850 people at the volksfestplatz in the Upper Bavarian city would have stood for a vaccination, said a police spokesman. 1,000 doses of the vaccine of astrazeneca were available for the special vaccination in ebersberg. More than 30 million have first Corona vaccinationread morein Germany more than 30 million people have now received a first vaccination against the coronavirus.

36.5 percent of the population are vaccinated at least once, as health minister jens spahn (cdu) reported on Saturday via twitter. More than nine million people, and thus 10.9 percent of the population, already have full protection. Loud spahn will be up to the beginning juni the relative proportion of the two inoculations at the daily inoculations high.

The vaccination campaign in Germany had begun last year. First were people over 80 years, residents of old and nursing homes and medical staff at the series. Among other things, chronically ill with increased risk for a serious and fatal course are also preferably vaccinated.

Several federal states have announced for the coming week an increase in vaccination in medical practices. Teachers’ association: half of the school hours are outin Germany about eleven million pupils, according to the German teacher association, have failed in presence classes around half the school hours since the beginning of the Corona-Pandemie. In hamburg, for example, 540,000 hours had failed due to extensive schooling, the picture reported to the competent school authority.

Each hamburger middle-level student accordingly missed in the average 900 school hours. This even corresponds to three quarters of the school hours of a school year. India reports 3,900 dead on a dayin india the Ministry of Health reports 326,098 new infections within 24 hours.

Alone in this week, the authorities recorded 1,7 million more contagious cases and more than 20,000 dead. The dark number in the country with its more than 1.36 billion inhabitants is likely to be significantly higher. Astrazeneca vaccine is increasingly in demand in Germanyafter temporary skepsis, the demand for corona-protection vaccinations with the Astrazeneca vaccine has risen significantly in Germany.

Also the association of the academics in Baden-Württemberg registers an increase in the interest of the doctors. Therefore the care of many annoyed to remain in pots in the evening or have to look for older patients. Corona vaccine from astrazeneca: many younger people currently took advantage of the chance to get the divaccination with the vakzin after four weeks.

Many younger people now took advantage of the chance to get a full vaccination within four weeks, because they had more freedoms in the day and when traveling, they said in Bund-Länder-Kreisen.