Travel in Corona times: so open Greece and italia again for tourist

Travel in Corona times: so open Greece and italia again for tourist
13.05.2021, Griechenland, Plaka: Die Sonne geht hinter einem Haus auf. Am 14.05.2021 wird in Griechenland offiziell die Tourismus-Saison eingeläutet - Gastronomen, Hoteliers und Ladenbesitzer erwarten sie mit Hoffnung und Bangen gleichermaßen. Foto: Socrates Baltagiannis/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

First flightsso open greece and italia again for tourist16.05.2021, 05:00 uhr | dpathe sun goes up: at the weekend, the tourism season is ingested in Greece. (source: socrates Baltagiannis/dpa)gastronomic and government have done a lot to allow visitors a safe holiday. Also italien adapts the Corona rules.

The tourism industry in Greece usually contributes almost 20% to economic performance. Then came corona: with the pandemic the numbers broke in 2020 by more than 75 percent, many hotels and taverns survived only thanks to financial support of the government. On Saturday, Greece is now officially launching into the tourism season 2021 – gastronomics, hoteliers and loading owners expect them with hope and bangent alike.

Only large icylandes like kreta with its around 600,000 inhabitants are excluded – as in the mainland, it is prioritized after age and pre-sickness. “the demand of citizens is enormous,” said Constantinos makris, head of the health center on milos. Other insulates give similar good forecasts and are finished with their vaccinations even earlier, report Greek media.

With the start to the weekend follow further flights to kreta and on peers like kos, korfu and rhodos. Tui had to pause more than half a year of corona in the important destination country. So far only few bookingson milos, however, the bookings are still far below the worth corona, said hotelier moraitis.

Nevertheless, some Corona deposits will have to be greedy and guests will have to stay on. In Greece, there is still a nocturnal ban from 0.30 o’clock to 5.00 o’clock at the start of the season. Entry is only possible with current PCR test or a vaccination that has been completed for at least two weeks.

There has been a loosening since Friday: travelers can only come to the country with a German-speaking vaccination certificate and thus avoid quarantine. So far the vaccination had to be submitted in English. Italien adapts travel regulationsfor Italian holidaymakers from Germany and other European countries from 16. the previously necessary corona quarantine after the arrival.

To date, five days had to be tested in quarantine and at the end a second. The 60-million-inhabitant country counted around 8,000 corona infections in 24 hours on May 14th and about 200 deaths in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus from 17th. Mai are expected to belong to the yellow zone with moderate Corona risk almost all regions of Italy.