The European Hollywood

3′ reading”When they asked him what the city he would rather live in, fellini replied: cinecittà“. Luce-Cinecittà institute is now preparing for what can be a turning point at all effects. “We are building the conditions for an absolute leap of quality: a great industrial operation for Italy and for roma.

It is not out of place to talk about European Hollywood,” said last November 19th, in an interview just on the 24 hours the Minister of the Dario Franciscan culture, anticipating the project of relaunching and doubling of cine towns. That project now has a financial base on which to rest. There are also 300 million euros for the development of the film industry, for the city project and for the experimental cinematography center in the recovery plan recently sent to bruxelles from the premier mario draghi.

The other 260 will be for the “Project Cinecittà”.