After the end of the vaccination centers: remain the data for vaccination unclear

After the end of the vaccination centers: remain the data for vaccination unclear
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Member Statesstill unclear: where do the data come from the vaccination centres? Registration in the invaccination center: the first invaccination centers close soon, the future remains of the data and the contact partners are not completely clarified. (Source: imago images)million people were vaccinated in vaccination centres.

But where their data are stored in the future is unclear. The Federal Data Protection Officer now urges the countries to regulate the problem. But what if the evidence for the pikser has lost in the inoculation center and the inoculation center no longer exists?

Then it can also be carried on – or a digital vaccination proof can be created later that becomes important. “nationals have rules to meet”but the situation is different from the vaccination centres. Vaccinated should turn to where they were vaccinated, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

But now vaccinated in vaccination centers have been asked to some extent with subsequent questions on hurdles and vulnerability and the closure? “If in the future vaccination centres are to be resolved, the competent national regulations must be taken into account as the data are managed,” says the federal. The vaccination centres were lit up with logistic masterpieces from the ground, the countries have organized them differently.

“Everything until the end of the vaccination centers in autumn we found a solution”. Federation data protection officerthe Federal Data Protection Officer ulrich kelber (spd) sees a problem in this: “It would be urgently necessary for the competent national legislators to take care of this question as soon as possible,” said a spokesman of his authority. The problem was already isolated in the past: where was the data when a doctor died without a right-follower or a sick house closed?

In some federal states, laws according to data protection officers regulate what is to be done. But in the doctoral chambers the interest in the data mountains from the inoculation centres is low. The vaccination register Rheinland-Pfalz ggmbh, which collects, supervises and manages the vaccinations carried out in the vaccination centres until further notice in the order of the country.

Digital vaccination certificates should also be issued in the vaccination centres. “The data will be stored in any case in such a way that possible questions can be processed by citizens”. To date, in the case of questions concerning the vaccination data, reference is made to the selection of the data protection officer of the Ministry of the Ministry.

Data also important for falsificationthe data is not only important when vaccination has been lost. The future digital vaccination card should be falsified. He has, however, only been introduced as a model attempt so far, and doubtful grow at the nationwide start date to end juni.

From Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate it is said that the inoculation centres are in principle already equipped with the technically necessary means for the digital vaccination certificate and are in principle prepared accordingly. Who is vaccinated beforehand should be able to present the yellow vaccination book to receive the digital proof afterwards. “whoever uses a fake health certificate, jeopardizes the health of the people of his environment,” he said.

A standard query of the vaccination data is not provided – and already the posting without further application awakens in the case of annoyed fears. And also, who then has a digital vaccination certificate can still lose it. A spokesman of the Federal Ministry of Health says: “a print of the digital vaccination certificate with the corresponding QR code can be used in paper form.

In this way, the digital vaccination proof can ultimately be used without end device”. The German Ministry of Health explains that if Germany should search for the vaccination certificate without success, the question of the data from the vaccination centres is again raised.