Kassenarztverein hopes for more vaccine from juni

Kassenarztverein hopes for more vaccine from juni
Sonder-Impf-Aktion mit dem Impfstoff Astrazeneca in der Ditib-Zentralmoschee in Köln-Ehrenfeld.Die 2.000 überschüssigen Impfdosen werden an diesem Wochenende an alle Personen die den Impfstoff wollen,verimpft,fotografiert am 08.05.2021. CORONAVIRUS / COVID 19 / CORONA-PANDEMIE / CORONAVIRUS-ERKRANKUNG / VIROLOGEN / CORONA-INFEKTIONEN / CORONA-ANSTECKUNG / MUND-UND NASENSCHUTZ / CORONA -REGELN / LOCKDOWN 3 / CORONA- IMPFZENTRUM / SCHUTZIMPFUNG / Ditib-Zentralmoschee / *** Special vaccination action with the vaccine Astrazeneca in the Ditib central mosque in Cologne Ehrenfeld The 2 000 surplus vaccine doses are inoculated on this weekend to all persons who want the vaccine,photographed on 08 05 2021 CORONAVIRUS COVID 19 CORONA PANDEMIA

Decisionkassenarztverein hopes for more vaccine from juni18.05.2021, 07:39 uhr | dpa, rtrfrom the 7th juni, the vaccination is to fall nationwide: annoyed warn that a quick appointment is not in itself for many. The hope lies on new vaccine supplies. In the case of corona vaccinations, in just three weeks, all in Germany should be able to get an appointment without the still existing fixed order by risk groups.

The pre-ranking lists introduced after age, illnesses since the vaccination five months ago should then fall away in pre-arrangements and regional inoculation centres. From 7. juni should also regularly inoculate business and private doctors. The end of prioritization did not imply that then all could get time immediately in a few days.

Moreover, by the 7th juni, at least 15 million first and second vaccinations are provided – including many according to priorization. With a view of the timetable for the vaccination centres, the countries expressed themselves with more restraint. They sew the intention of the League to know, even there from 7 juni to cancel the order, it is in the decision.

However, the countries are “unequivocal in maintaining priority in the framework of the vaccine doses assigned to them.” Some countries are already pre-prestigesome countries are already pre-prestige with the release in doctor’s practices. Only the vaccine of moderna is not suitable for praxen because of the transport.

In the inoculation centres, however, priority is maintained so that people with high risk are in any case first vaccinated. In bayern the priority is to fall with the hospital doctors in the course of the week. Brandenburg only released priority group 3. hessen wants to open from juni to the vaccination registration for everyone.

Astrazeneca and johnson & johnson are already open to allwith the vaccines of astrazeneca and johnson & johnson, everyone can be inoculated now. The raising of prioritization should allow the advance of the vaccination campaign, had said spahn. Inoculation after age, pre-disorders and occupationthe official order was introduced because of the initially foreseeable lack of vaccine.

Declared aim: to quickly protect people with the highest risk of heavy and fatal corona processes. In group 1, more than 80-year-olds, people in nursing homes and health personnel with high contagious risk came to the conclusion. It followed group 2 with men from 70, with diseases such as cancer, kita educators at primary schools.

A group 4 does not exist in the vaccination regulation: then everyone comes to it. “We have a dangerous development now: numerous surgeries resign from the inoculation system,” said oliver sparkken the “Rhineland post”. The superior of the German foundation patient protection, eugen brysch, criticized in time, not a date may determine the end of the ethical order in vaccination.

The vaccination in the three priority groups alone must be the measure for it. In the last week of maiweek, the hospital doctors in Germany are to receive the first vaccine of johnson & johnson. The vaccine of johnson & johnson has the advantage that it comes with a dosis.

70 percent of over-60-year-olds are vaccinated oncemore than 70 percent of the over-60-year-olds are vaccinated at least once, almost 25 percent is complete. 37 percent of German citizens (30,8 million) are vaccinated at least once – 11,2 percent (9,3 million). “not the requirements for relaxed summer as last year reached”the federal government is not going to give any further warning.

The daily re-infection numbers and the vaccination campaign could make confident – but not rushing, said government spokesman steffen. “We haven’t reached the conditions for enjoying a summer as relaxed as last year.”