Label (gimbe): “With the green pass we can reopen before and convince the no vax: but the tampon should pay the state”

Label (gimbe):

An Italian and European passport to return to run in era covid also tourism. “The green pass today is an inevitable solution. To underline it is nino Cartabellotta, president of the gimbe foundation, in an interview with the messenger.

While bruxelles tries to fix the latest details of the green pass that should come into effect from mid-June, Italy has defined the three green “freeway” that will allow to move between regions not yellow and/or white. In addition to the vaccination or healing certificate, for all it will be necessary to present a negative buffer 48 hours before departure. “I hope that the government will find ways to regulate other specific uses of the pass.

However, it is necessary to clear the field from all doubts, so as to make it more effective,” he says. “Today access to vaccines, paid by the state, is not yet for all. The other theme is that a large part of the population still does not want to vaccinate.

“43% of the population in 60-69 has not been vaccinated and, above all, has not been booked. The first is the one to voluntary reservation, then the so-called active call, and finally the obligatory if the residual quota does not allow to secure the country”.