Myanmar: thousands of people threatened by hunger

Myanmar: thousands of people threatened by hunger
March 27, 2021, Yangon, Myanmar: A protester pilling bags as barricades during the demonstration..Myanmar military attack protesters with rubber bullets, live ammunition, tear gas and sound bombs in response. The death toll for today is 144 and the highest death toll since the military coup in February 1. Yangon Myanmar - ZUMAs197 20210327_zaa_s197_161 Copyright: xTheintxMonxSoex

In the darkmyanmar: thousands of people threatened by hunger18.05.2021, 20:03 uhr | dpaAfter the military took the city at leastat, nearly 8,000 people fled to the surrounding forests. Now they are stuck there and cannot go back to the occupied city. After heavy fled in the western myanmars, according to eyewitnesses, nearly 8,000 people have fled into the jungle.

The frightened inhabitants from the city in the Chin state threaten hunger in the forests soon, said residents on the Tuesday of the German press agency. “Only some old people and children stayed in the city. Many have fled into the jungle, and this will soon go out,” said a citizen from mindat on the phone.

Previously, several days were fought between soldiers of the junta and armed resistance fighters. On Saturday, the poor, who had started to intensify with helicopters, had taken control of the city. Our people are in danger and have hunger”.

Already ending april there had been heavy fighting in the Chin state between the poor and the Junta opponents. In the south-east Asian country, genera had sprinkled on 1st february and the government of aung san suu kyi was disrespected. Since then myanmar sinks into chaos and violence.