Covid vaccination certificate: EU countries and EU parliament rings around details

Covid vaccination certificate: EU countries and EU parliament rings around details
Symbofoto Impfprivilegien, Smartphone mit digitalem europäischen Impfpass mit QR-Code, Bordkarte für Flugreise, Corona-Krise, Deutschland Coronavirus *** Symbol photo vaccination privileges, smartphone with digital European vaccination card with QR code, boarding pass for air travel, Corona crisis, Germany Coronavirus

That are the controversial pointsfreedom of travel through EU vaccination? Eu rings around details19.05.2021, 00:24 uhr | dpaCorona vaccinations should be easily detected – EU-wide also by app. The principle sounds simple – but representatives of the European parliament and the EU states still argue about the details.

A few weeks before the planned start of a Europe-wide Covid vaccination certificate in the juni quarrel representatives of the European Parliament and the EU states still have details. Portugal is currently in the lead of the EU countries. The certificate is to be a fraud-proof proof of corona vaccination, a fresh test or an outaged Covid disease.

For example, there are currently uneven rules in the countries of Spain, Austria and Greece, which are particularly popular in Germany. In Spain, the individual regions can determine which restrictions should continue to exist. About itin relation to the EU vaccination certificate, it has been discussed, among other things, in the past few days about the status of freshly tested and who is responsible for the cost of the tests.

The EU parliament used for free tests. The EU Parliament’s involvement, however, does not want all EU countries to be involved, because this falls within the competence of the countries. It was also a question of whether the certificate automatically means freedom of travel in Europe or whether and how the EU states can restrict it.

“the certificate must have a meaning,” said the European-level peter reading (cdu) with a view to possible facilitation by the vaccination certificate. The dismissed also refused that individual EU countries could get the opportunity to decide individual entry restrictions despite certificate. In ate, for example, the intention is to wait from the governmental circles of Monday, where exactly the EU is agreed upon.

In Spain, there are no rules yet which possible privileges might be associated with an EU vaccination certificate. In this week, if there should be an agreement between the negotiators of the Council and Parliament, the decision should still be formally blessed by the EU countries and the Parliament.