The numbers in clear, sebastian: “We are wrong about vaccines. we think of young people but 7 million over 70»

The numbers in clear, sebastian:

A fact that according to the mathematician young Sebastians indicates that the strategies followed in the vaccination campaign are not working, as explained in our column numbers in clear: “The data on deaths is unfortunately not positive. If we consider the average of the last six weeks, the difference between a week and the first one however is increasingly reduced. There is a braking of the descent of deaths.

This could be attributed to a deceleration of over 70 vaccination.” Now you have gone to vaccinate a population band that is not risky. 7 million people are currently missing from over 70. with my calculations if we had concentrated here all the resources in a few weeks we would have put completely in safety everything”.

Now it has an important weight the incidence, that is the number of positives per week for 100 thousand inhabitants. There is a big problem: there was no minimum threshold for the number of pads.