Dragons presents the decree supports bis: “We will not leave anyone behind. Italy will be a country for young people”

Dragons presents the decree supports bis:

“The greatest support is reopening. And we want to accompany the country in these months positive but difficult”. The premier mario draghi illustrated in the press conference the content of the long-awaited decree supports bis along with the minister of the economy daniele franco.

Tourism“We expect a strong redistribution of tourism and a recovery of the economy linked to the improvement of the data of the epidemic,” said dragons. The merits of the vaccination campaign”We will not leave anyone behind,” said the prime minister at the opening of the speech. “I would like to express my satisfaction with the government’s decision to proceed with the gradual reopening of the country.

We have given a steer to the age groups, preferring elderly and fragile, and we are proud of it”. The premier expressed satisfaction with the data of the Covid-19 epidemic, achieved thanks to the “calculated risk” of reparation. “If we continue like this – he added – there will be no need for other worthy support of this kind during this year”.

«Italy will be a country for young people»Facilitated loans, recruitment contracts, interventions on matches: the plan of the dragon government is to “focus young people”, both through interventions in the bis support and in the national plan of resumption and resilience financed by the European Union. As regards the self-employed, there will also be a question of the profit which is “very fairer” but which will require “more time”.