Impfanreiz: pressure medium masking obligation – can that work?

Impfanreiz: pressure medium masking obligation – can that work?
19.05.2021, Berlin: Herr Eschert, S-Bahnfahrer in Berlin, erhält eine Impfung mit dem Impfstoff Moderna. Die Deutsche Bahn hat in Berlin mit der Impfung von Mitarbeitenden gegen das Corona-Virus begonnen. Im neuen DB-Impfzentrum am Hauptbahnhof können sich ab heute Lokführer, Zugbegleiter, Fahrdienstleiter und Mitarbeitende in anderen systemrelevanten Funktionen impfen lassen. Foto: Jörg Carstensen/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

As an incentive for vaccinationdruckmittel masquerade – can that work? What makes for discussions there, a ticket office manager also calls for Germany. The head of the casssian in Rhineland-Palatinate, peter heinz, has initiated a debate about the end of the masquerade for completely vaccinated.

In the “Rhein-Zeitung” he demanded to free people with full vaccination from it, so as to create more incentives for inoculation. For reasons of solidarity, not vaccinated will be given the chance to “go beyond the 55 percent to 60 percent vaccination rate,” he said. It is no longer necessary to wear a mask as a double vaccinated mask.

With the faster inoculation progress has been discussed since weeks about the withdrawal of restrictions for vaccinated and genesis. The general arrangement for carrying a mask was not yet to be debated. Reference is made, inter alia, to the still thin data layer for transferring the virus from vaccinated to others.

Usa: masquerade for vaccinated largely eliminatedin the usa, on the other hand, what Kassenärzte-Chef heinz demands is already practical. Past week, the health authority cdc raised the guidelines for mask-supporting for completely vaccinated persons for almost all living conditions. Even in interiors, the mask is required by the affected only in densely crowded situations, such as in aircraft, trains, busses or hospitals.

U.S. President Joe biden hopes that this step will give the American vaccination campaign more push. In American publicity, the step is nevertheless controversial and in Germany this skepsis is shared. Across the party boundaries, health politicians doubt whether the intention to freeze from the masquerade really convinces more people of the intimidation.

Experts also point to the early stage of the vaccination campaign and stress the effectiveness of the mask-bearing. Green: incentive for vaccination over masquerade riskant”I think it is very risky to want to create a completely vaccinated, incentive for vaccination,” says the doctor and green health politician, Janosch. “in case of persistent high infection numbers, each additional unprotected contact of unvaccinated people with vaccinated people increases the probability of new mutations.

That must be aware of all of us, as it can lead to the fact that the vaccines can become less effective in consequence”. The wearing of medical protective masks is a reasonable restriction, which also has a significant positive effect on the infection, said to t-online. “It must now be considered to be assured that even twice vaccinated the infection can pass on,” said scholz to t-online.

Next to the inoculation, it is the most important instrument in the fight against the pandemic”. Also the health spokesman of the left fraction, achim kessler, is against an increase in the masculine requirement for vaccinated. “In Germany, too little humans are vaccinated so that an increase in the masculine duty can lead to an increased infection,” said kessler to t-online.

The health spokesman of the FDP Group, Christristine Aschenberg-Dugnus, said: “a slight restriction of freedom such as a mask or distance obligation” is still necessary for the protection of non-vaccinations. Especially in public transport or in pedestrian zones, it cannot be checked whether those who do not wear masks are actually vaccinated or genesis. Insufficiency risesAccording to recent figures, the incapacity in Germany has risen significantly since the start of the vaccination campaign almost five months ago.

Just before the start of the vaccination campaign at the end of 2020, it was only 65 percent. Special incentives for the inoculation it needs to be seen from sabine dittmar, health spokesman of the SPD federal parliament fraction, therefore not. Many citizens are waiting to finally get a vaccination,” said dittmar to t-online.

He points out that a negative test or a double vaccination is required for many activities. Walger: success in the pandemic make clearerHygiene expert walger proposes a campaign to increase the vaccination even further. For example in a show like the ‘7 sense’, which describes the positive effects every night before the day’s show”.

FDP politician Aschenberg-Dugnus sees, above all, in the return of liberty rights, the decisive incentive to be inoculated. What is described as an incentive is equivalent to the pressure exerted for vaccination. “the decision to vaccinate must be made voluntarily, but not because one can regain previously deprived freedoms.”