Rafi rachek and sam dylan have separated

Rafi rachek and sam dylan have separated
Rafi Rachek und Freund Sam Dylan beim 120. Presseball Berlin im Maritim Hotel. Berlin, 11.01.2020 *** Rafi Rachek and friend Sam Dylan at the 120 Press Ball Berlin at the Maritim Hotel Berlin, 11 01 2020 Foto:xN.xKubelkax/xFuturexImage

Reality-TV pairrafi rachek and sam dylan have separated20.05.2021, 21:21 uhr | seb, spot on news, t-onlinethe Coming-Out of the former “bachelorette” participant rafi rachek was a great surprise. But the love of him and his friend sam dylan seems over. Sam dylan announced on instagram the separation from his partner rafi rachek.

I separated myself from rafi,” he wrote in a statement that he published in an Instagram story. “The Corona pandemic unfortunately made it much worse so that it did not come to a common solution,” rachek explains. Dylan denies in another Instagram story that this was the reason for the separation.

The couple made his relationship public in December 2019. rachek outed in autumn 2019 as gay in the frame of the RTL-coupling show “bachelor in paradise”. He previously participated in the dating format “the bachelorette” in 2018 as a candidate. Dylan was to be seen in the first scribble of “prince charming” in 2019. in the summer of 2020 he was a participant in “fighting the realitystars” and stood up to the celebrity.

At the beginning of 2021 he was also candidate of “I am a star: the big jungle show.”