A Mexican school presents the book of melon giorgia: “No credits for students who desert.” she: «Never been invited»

A Mexican school presents the book of melon giorgia:

In Mexican there is a school that considers training taking part in the presentation of I am giorgia. My roots, my ideas, a book written by the leader of brothers of Italy giorgia meloni. But she also seems to have fallen from the clouds: “It’s an absurd story, I don’t know anything about it.

I was contacted by the school, but I had no definitive agreement to attend the online lesson. I asked to deny, with me there was only contact to think of a meeting. Among other things, the vice-president assured me that it would be an extra-curricular initiative, without obligation to frequency and without credits”.

The reactions of parentson the opposite side of the political spectrum, the young democrats of Mexican – youth organization of the pd – attack. The reactions of some parents, who have criticized the school’s intention to control attendance and to attribute to the meeting of training credits, were not missing. The passage on training credits.

My son is not afraid of melons, but others do not have the same tools.