Closed, 16, first suicide girl in prison

Closed, 16, first suicide girl in prison

Reciting the young girl, imprisoned since September 2020, died on May 2 at the Epinal women’s house. The tragedy raises the question of conditions of detention and supervision of juveniles in prison settings, already denounced in a recent report. Yann le bec pour m le magazine du monde.

On May 2, nailed the body with the small blade of its size-crayon. With her blood, she wrote “sorry” on the ground. She removed her jeans, wet her before hanging her at the bars in her window.

Then she squeezed her against her throat before hitting the chair on which she stood. The noises of the cries, the siren of the firefighters and attempts to resuscitate the teenager with the defibrillator (“Push!! Succeeded the silence in the corridors of the Epinal stop house, where the teenager was imprisoned since September 2020. cloé was led to the polyclinic of gentilly, to nancy, in a state of brain death.

The next day, his co-detainees had the confirmation of his death on television. It was 16 years old. Cloé is the first teenage girl who kills herself in a cell.

“Whatever the atrocities she has committed, she had nothing to do here and even less to die there,” says fadila doukhi, the regional leader of the workers’ prison union. A couple that fell in criminal madnessTo understand, we have to go back to the evening of September 22, 2020. Cloé gives an appointment on tinder to adrien, a 19-year-old boy she knows a little and with whom she has already slept.

Behind her, cloé left the door of the veranda open so that her accomplice, alexandra, 23 years old, can reach her. The latter is wearing a machete on the back of Adrien’s skull before attempting to kill him. “a witness has specified that he saw a couple around 23 hours near the McDonald’s,” says the royal prosecutor, near the court of Nancy.

The regional press has spoken of a couple of horror movies that have fallen into criminal madness. You still have 68.31% of this article to read.