Coffee and espresso: these are the differences

Coffee and espresso: these are the differences
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Tipp for sensitive malesthese are the differences between coffee and espresso19.05.2021, 08:15 uhr | saw, t-online, dpacoffee and espresso: a variant is also suitable for sensitive stomachs. (Source: Probuxtor/Getty images)he is a watchmaker and after a lush meal belongs to it: a coffee or espresso. Some are not acceptable before the first cup in the morning, for others it is indispensable for a lush meal.

Is sure: a good coffee or espresso is a pleasure for many. But coffee and espresso are not the same – but what are the different drinks? Espresso has a stronger taste and a more intense aroma than coffee.

This is mainly because the beans for espresso are longer and darker roasted than for normal roast coffee. DisplaySince the coffee beans provided for espresso are roasted longer and more strongly, espresso is also acid-poor than coffee and therefore also suitable for sensitive stomachs. Espresso arises when hot water with high pressure is pressed through a sieve with espresso powder.

For filter coffee, brewing for minutes, the coffee powder is rather coarse grain. There is the coffee behind the espresso, from the latter drink most but often less. A cup coffee (150 milliliter) contains between 50 and 100 milligrams caffeine, with a cup espresso (50 milliliter) it is between 50 and 150 milligrams caffeine.