Country election in Saxony-Anhalt 2021: termin, briefing, kandidaten, inquiries

Country election in Saxony-Anhalt 2021: termin, briefing, kandidaten, inquiries
1004. Bundesratssitzung in Berlin Aktuell, 07.05.2021, Berlin, Ministerpraesident Reiner Haseloff CDU von Sachsen-Anhalt und Praesident des Bundesrates im Portrait beim Fernsehinterview im Rahmen der 1004. Sitzung des Bundesrat in Berlin Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** 1004 meeting of the Bundesrat in Berlin Current, 07 05 2021, Berlin, Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff CDU of Saxony Anhalt and President of the Bundesrat in the portrait at the television interview in the context of the 1004 meeting of the Bundesrat in Berlin Berlin Germany

The most important answerwahl in Sachsen-Anhalt: you should know that21.05.2021, 15:09 uhr | dpaSaxony-Anhalt chooses a new country after five years. Shortly before the Federal elections, the parties hope for a strong signal. Some 2,2 million people live in Saxony-Anhalt, some 1.8 million of them are called on Sunday, 6th juni, to the local election.

T-online answers the most important questions about the mood test for the German election on 26 september. The pickers must make two crosses: one for the direct candidate of their constituency and one for the country list of a party. Each of the 41 constituencies will then be represented in the new magdeburger national day by the direct candidate with the most vote.

Further at least 42 second-ranking members also come to parlament beyond the country lists – provided their party has reached more than five percent of the second-vote. All citizens who possess the German citizenship are at least 18 years old on the day of the election and have their residence or habitual residence for at least three months in the country of Saxony-Anhalt. At the latest three weeks before the election, all citizens should have received a dial-up notification by post.

He must have been submitted to the competent community by Friday, 4th juni, at the latest – the letter-selection documents are then delivered. The completed dialing certificate must then arrive at the competent dialing office by 18 o’clock no later than Sunday, 6 juni. In order to comply with the French, the respective documents should be sent no later than three working days before the expiry of the deadline.

Despite declining numbers of infections, the country expects a significant increase in the letter-selection voices. At the local election in Rhineland-Palatinate in the Marche had selected two of three choirs by letter. In Saxony-Anhalt the first letter-selection documents have already been sent.

At the 2016 national elections, only 13.7 percent of the letter selection had been decided in Saxony-Anhalt. Since five years reigned in Saxony-Anhalt deutschland’s first Kenya coalition from cdu, spd and green. Requests continue to see a majority for the Kenya option, even if the fdp should succeed after ten years of re-entry into the country.

So the seat distribution could change:for the cdu goes to the third time minister president purer haseloff to run. He has been in the amt since 2011, and after his peer-mate volker bouffier (cdu) the most senior country chief. A year ago, it looked like the CDU politicians left the tip-candidature to a successor.

He is counted as many functional and AfD members in Saxony-Anhalt, the officially dissolved wing around the thüringer björn höcke. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the party has been working mainly on the corona policy of the federal and state. It has made the lack of representation of East German in leadership positions its central theme of election.

Katja pee (spd) is the youngest tip candidate and yet an experienced parlamentarierin: the 43-year-old has been sitting in the country for ten years. Since then, the shrinked social-democratic fraction has been leading through the Kenyan coalition with no noise. In the election campaign, it mainly focuses on classical social-democratic themes such as social justice and the fight against right-wing violence.

Katja pähle wants to prevent a new election debacle of spd as a tip candidate. In addition to the green core topics environmental and climate policy, they want to focus on the fight against the right. The country is in almost every statistic last, such as one of the central points of criticism of liberals in the election campaign.

The Corona crisis also overshadows the election campaign in Saxony-Anhalt, few themes find themselves really well. The campaign of the left, which denounced the disadvantage of East Germans on the labour market, among other things, ensured attention. To present questions (May 21st) the Kenyan Alliance would be more than five to ten percentage points compared to the other country parties.

The same questioning write the fdp good chances to return to the magdeburger landtag after ten years. The liberals could therefore be an alternative coalition partner for haseloff – or as a fourth force come into the coalition, should they lose their majority.