Digital Corona-Impfpass: eu achieves approval – travel should be facilitated

Digital Corona-Impfpass: eu achieves approval – travel should be facilitated
Amsterdam Airport During The COVID Pandemic Inside the terminal of Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reduced passenger numbers and flight crew are seen wearing protective equipment like the mandatory facemasks and gloves, keeping distance between them to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. The world aviation passenger traffic numbers declined due to the travel restrictions, safety measures such as lockdowns, quarantine, PCR and Rapid test before the flights, during the era of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic that hit hard the aviation and travel industry. Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 4, 2021 Amsterdam Netherlands economou-notitle210504_npPLq PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRA Copyright: xNicolasxEconomoux

To facilitate traveleu agrees on digital Corona vaccine passport21.05.2021, 07:56 uhr | dpasince the beginning of the year is debated on a Europe-wide proof of corona vaccinations. For months the preparations have been running, but only now there is an agreement on the last political details. In good time before the summer season, the eu countries and the EU Parliament agreed on details of a Europe-wide certificate for the detection of corona vaccinations, tests and superior Covid-19 diseases.

The chance for further travel facilitation in the eu portugal is currently in the forefront of the EU countries. Until the last time, it was disputed in which EU countries can determine travel facilitations and restrictions themselves. Moreover, the European Parliament demanded that free corona tests be made available to citizens.

However, the dismissal could not be enforced, but EU funds should be made available to the national states. “The Commission has, however, agreed to make available 100 million euro for free tests,” said the CDU health politician peter. In Germany there are currently 15,000 test stations in which free corona tests can be made.

More precise time for impfpass is still outIt is still unclear when exactly the digital European Covid certificate is to be introduced in the individual countries. The presiding of the Christian-Democratic EPP Group in the European Parliament, manfred weber (csu) called on the EU countries to introduce the certificate as quickly as possible. Read in an opinion pointed out that the introduction of the certificate was planned for the 1st juli.

Even if it is not in time for Germany to introduce the electronic vaccination certificate, the yellow impfpass remains valid, said read. Weber said that vaccinated, tested and genesene people would now regain their freedom of travel. The left-wing European-level cornelia, who participated in the negotiations, spoke seriously after the conclusion of the negotiations from “crisis limitation to a certain point” which was operated by the parlament, criticising the EU states for not guaranteeing free tests.

In Greece, for example, only a completed vaccination or a maximum of 72 hours old PCR test must be provided. In Italy there is no longer a duty to isolation – but the authorities continue to demand a negative Corona test result.