Safety: the gérald Darmanin-Eric Dupond-Moretti duo tested

Safety: the gérald Darmanin-Eric Dupond-Moretti duo tested
Gérald Darmanin, ministre de l'Intérieur et Eric Dupont-Moretti, Garde des Sceaux, participent à une conférence de presse dans le cadre de la présentation du projet de loi relatif à la prévention d’actes de terrorisme et au renseignement ainsi qu'un autre sur le projet de loi relatif à la gestion de la sortie de crise sanitaire, au Palais de l'Elysée à Paris, mercredi 28 avril 2021 - 2021©Jean-Claude Coutausse pour Le Monde

The minister of the interior, gérald darmanin, and the guard of the seals, eric Dupond-Moretti, at the Elysée in Paris, April 28, 2021. JEAN-CLAUDE coutausse pour “le monde”the first, described as malin, rublard and ambitious, embodies the right wing of the macronie. The second, blood, eloquent and passionate, leans rather to the left.

In the summer of 2020, the arrival of gérald darmanin, ex-Sarkozy boy, at the Ministry of Interior, coupled with that of former criminalist eric Dupond-Moretti to justice, had all the appearances of an ideal casting. On the one hand, “aquittator”, the star of the bars, on the other, gérald darmanin, “the most beautiful recruit of macron to the right”, according to the senator (republicans, lr) of charon stone betting. Nothing like two strong personalities “and right and left” to expand the regalien, a weak point of Emmanuel macron, for the last part of the quinquennium.

And what about the slogan: “The problem of the police is justice!”, chanted by the police unions? When Gérald darmanin tried to find a way in the middle of the armbands, eric Dupond-Moretti fought in the National Assembly to defend his institution. “It’s dangerous for darmanine to stand in the door to false of the Minister of Justice, it’s the wrong lesson of transgression.

It’s eric Dupond-Moretti who’s right,” said Sacha houlié, Member of Parliament for the coming republic (lrm). The agreement would be perfectto believe the executive, there is no incoherence or schizophrenia in the process. “Where is the problem?” asks an executive’s adviser, stressing that the trial passed by eric Dupond-Moretti has been able to allow him to assert himself as a defender of the magistrates, who so far have been distrusting him.

The minister of justice, he, has no authority over the magistrates, but must ensure their respect,” he says, understanding, in the entourage of the guard of the seals.