Vaccines, new son’s call to the regions: «Based with unagreed announcements»

Vaccines, new son's call to the regions: «Based with unagreed announcements»

vaccination « fragile subjects, over 60 and citizens presenting comorbility» remains the priority to be pursued for the general Franciscan Paolo son, extraordinary commissioner to the coronavirus emergency. But in the last days “this focus appears a little lost in view, despite in many cases the categories mentioned have not been put completely in safety”. Son writes it in a letter addressed to the president of the conference of the regions, Maximilian fedriga, and published by the website of the courier of the evening.

The Commissioner’s call comes after the campania has chosen to anticipate the beginning of the administration of vaccines in the workplace. The letter of sonIn the letter published by the courier, the son states that the regions have done a “excellent job” with regard to the vaccination campaign by acting in a coordinated manner with the commissarial structure. The commissarial structure, writes again son, would have always been “ready to share information to allow an effective planning” and would have guaranteed a “oculated use of the dosage reserve to balance unexpected and immediate needs”.

The Commissioner therefore welcomes what defines the “virtual behaviour” of all regions, which has allowed “to achieve the goal of protecting the most vulnerable classes”.