A gaza, where the fragile cease-fire stands, the time is for reconstruction and emergency assistance

A gaza, where the fragile cease-fire stands, the time is for reconstruction and emergency assistance
People work amongst apartment buildings damaged by and airstrike that destroyed a Hamas police station building previous to a cease-fire reached after an 11-day war between Gaza's Hamas rulers and Israel, in Gaza City, Saturday, May 22, 2021. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The time is now for the organization of emergency assistance and discussions on the reconstruction of the palestinian enclave. The rescuers are always looking for survivors in the gaza rubble, ravaged by eleven days of conflict. On Friday, they removed five remains and ten survivors of the underground tunnels, bombed by the Israeli army.

Emanuel dunand / afpthe cease-fire announced on Thursday evening by the two parties did not set any end to the cessation of the fighting and remains, as such, still fragile. Emergency humanitarian assistance convoysSeveral emergency humanitarian aid convoys entered the gaza on Friday. The Egyptian Foreign Minister said that he had received a call from his Israeli counterpart to discuss the necessary measures to facilitate the reconstruction of gasa.

For washington too, the subject of reconstruction in the enclave is a diplomatic lever. Without giving the hamas – considered a terrorist organization by the United States – “the opportunity to rebuild its weapon system”. The American president has also revived the two-and-a-half solution: an independent palestine alongside israel, calling it “only possible response.”

“in the coming days,” the head of American diplomacy, antony blinken, will visit the Middle East. In Israel, rockets fired from gaza killed twelve people, including a child, a teenager and a soldier, according to the police. Just after a truce came into force on Friday, both parties had claimed victory.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, which have been suspended since 2014, face many points, including the status of East Jerusalem and the Israeli colonization of the Palestinian territories. Evidence that the situation remains volatile, almost daily clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces are taking place in the region and sometimes in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian area occupied by Israel.