Bundesliga-Abstiegskampf: for three clubs today everything is about

Bundesliga-Abstiegskampf: for three clubs today everything is about

Angst, emotions and dramaBundesliga-Abstiegskampf: for three clubs today everything is about21.05.2021, 11:37 uhr | by andreas beckerit is ready. The last playday of the Bundesliga season is in front of the door and he will answer the question who has to go down to the 2nd liga: bielefeld, bremen or köln. For nine years now, a question in the Bundesliga relatiw has been answered quickly, namely who becomes German master: the fc bayern.

Much more exciting is year for year of sight in the abyss: the fight around the class maintenance. The fear before the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga is great, it is insignificant to the above all financial loss. And looking at the hamburger sw, it is no longer self-evident than once established first-class will rise again.

That also know will crumble, the 1st fc köln and arminia bielefeld. For the three clubs, it is all about today and the signs could not be more different. Bare fear in bridefor be bremen would have been a descent, so you almost have to say a full catastrophe.

The first Bundesliga descent since 41 years would threaten the economically already surviving union in its existential existence. Should crumble down, the best players would have to be sold, no stone would remain on the other. Only one point is the promontory on the 1st fc column on place 17, at the same time is also bielefeld as tables-15.

“It will be important to develop a realization that we can do it again,” said schaaf. But also want to create the bile fields that all have trumps in their hand. They stand (yet) above the dash (one point before the war, two ahead).

Captain Fabian Klos: “we must not put us in the pants, that has never helped. We are the only manhood down there that does not have to look at the strange places when they win their game. We must have more lust to win than to lose fear.”

In the case of lows of crèse and celiacs, the arminia at the end reaches even a point to remain in the Bundesliga. The only helps if at least one of the two competitors does not win. To prevent the football super-gau, köln climber expert and trainer-routinier friedhelm glimpse again on the trainer bench.

Köln won against rb leipzig (2:1) and immediately afterwards in augsburg (3:2), but then followed a broke against freiburg (1:4) and a 0:0 against hertha bsc. “the tension and the focus will rise with every day,” says sparkly before the Schalke game: “but everything with meaning and understood. The results on the other two places want to pay attention to sparkly, but only in the second half.

T-online prognosis: bielefeld remembers the rettung of 2008 – and again creates the direct class retention against stuttgart. Bremen has pulled the last joker in the descent pool with the Schaaf return. He burns, he wins against gladbach and saves himself in the relegation.