Dieter bohlen shares walvideo – fans are overthrown: “so cool is not”

Dieter bohlen shares walvideo – fans are overthrown:

On social media, he provides a new video that shows a wal off the coast of mallorcas. (source: t-online/Social)a grey whale in the middle sea is mistaken for months. Also dieter bohlen has seen the young animal baptized by biologists on the name wally.

The young grey whale, which has been swimming in the middle sea for months without orientation and is now also known as wally. In this week the animal was seen in the bay of santa ponça in the southwest of mallorca. Dieter bohlen has seen wally with own eyes and a video of the gray whale with his fans divided on instagram.

The video of bohlen and more photos of the wal see them above in the video or here. The care with the fans is great, because grey whales are actually home in the Pacific. By the time being, retaliatory forces of marine protection organisations are taking care of wally.

A co-worker of such said according to “diario de mallorca”, the animal was already very weak and probably dying. It will probably starve soon, because in the middle sea it cannot find the crust and soft animals, of which grey whales feed. He writes to his video: “A wal comes to visit me.”

In the clip itself, however, he also explains that it is not so good for the wal and that one assumes that wally must die. “we all hope that he will survive that a miracle happens and he will find something to eat.” I very much hope that the wal will be able to get back into the deep.”

“for the wal, it is not good at all”because many of the video show enthusiastic, a user also explains: “people, so cool is not. The wal doesn’t belong there and probably dies. Cool to see something like that, yes, but for the wal it’s not good at all.”

The young, probably at most two years old, grey whale has probably lost due to the effects of the climate crisis from the Pacific into the Middle Sea.