Gaza, the oa: “Now reconstruction”. the truce holds but clashes in Jerusalem east

Gaza, the oa:

Hundreds of Palestinians marched in the jabal mukaber district to Jerusalem east by waving hamas flags. It reports times of Israel, adding that there were clashes with the police. Stone and firecrackers were launched against the agents, who intervened with anti riot measures and arrested two people.

The local media have not reported until now rocket launches from the gaza strip towards israele, nor is there news of Israeli raids in the palestinian enclave controlled by hamas. The gerusalemme government also reopened the kerem shalom pass, returning to allow the transfer of goods into the gaza strip. The opening of the passage allows the arrival of humanitarian aid in the Palestinian enclave.

According to the Israeli military radio, no further effort has been made to stop the Israeli hostilities. In the meantime, airlines are recovering flights to the airport of tel aviv, after the decisive suspension in the live of hostilities. And a convoy of 12 containers loaded with aid of the Unnicef has entered to gaza.

The Maan Palestinian agency reports that the delegation will have meetings with Hamas and other Palestinian factions. The mediation of the egitto was important to arrive at the ceasefire.