Harald lesch about climate protection: “our concept of freedom is the nature no matter”

Harald lesch about climate protection:

Dispute talk about climate protectionharald lesch: “Our concept of freedom is the nature no matter”can everything grow without ruining the climate? But we have to get smarter quickly, find astrophysic harald lesch. Chrismon: can they agree that not everything on the earth can continue without limits?

Sarna röser: growth arises because people have needs. If we no longer grow, we would freeze all the opportunities for the world to rise. For people in poorer countries it would be fatal if we refused to rise.

Harald lesch: the question of the limits of growth is unfair: of course everything is limited on this world. But only a small group of homo sapiens has served on the planet and consumed incredible amounts of resources. What they say, woman röser, is our duty.

We are rich in Europeans must say goodbye to the naive idea that countries that are poorer than we are growing on a wise way as we have done. In the best of all worlds, we would give away the technology so that they have made electric energy available in Africa that was clean. Of course, some resources are finally, for example cobalt, which is used for handyakkus.

In the light of this knowledge, no business operator, especially no family business operator, is closed. Environmental protection and economic growth are not opposed. The market economy even has the potential to make us world champions in resource management.

Röser: I come from a family business that will soon become 100 years old and active in deep-construction. Of course, I realize that the cement production is a lot of co2. We ourselves do not produce a cement, but we process it to be concrete.

Some cement manufacturers are investigating how we can minimize CO2 emissions. There are pilot plants to check how we bind co2 as we can even produce synthetic fuels from it. We need sustainable growth.

Sarna röser, born in 1987, is president of the young entrepreneurs, a union of 1,500 future executives in family businesses. It is designed successor for the family-owned company karl röser & sohn gmbh founded in 1923 in Baden-Württemberg. In juli 2020, röser was elected to the supervisory board of the fellmann ag.

Röser: how does a decision that I meet today affect coming generations? I want to pass the company healthy to the next generation. Lesch: if there were only family businesses, the world would be better.

The responsibility for the employees is a completely different one than in listed companies. Even manager, who have completely failed, are passed there with millions of amounts, go to other companies and often continue to be nonsense there. The fronts of large companies are forced to pay attention to the routes, even if it is insane in the long term.

Röser: you like to throw business into a pot and talk about “the economy”. But we must distinguish between groups and family businesses, because in the latter, risk and liability are in one hand. (source: robert brembeck)but also family businesses must live with limited resources …lesch: economics can also mean cycle processes.

We should not develop a product without asking ourselves how much energy you need to disassemble it and recycle it? Respond to such questions potential for a growth industry. Do we solve our problems with renewable energy sources?

Lesch: in the pariser climate agreement we have to halve our energy consumption by 2050. could we cover our current energy consumption through renewables in Germany? We need large areas for photovoltaics, for biogas plants, for wind turbines. We need storage, we need a whole new energy infrastructure.

When one considers total energy consumption in Germany, only 20 percent are renewable. The technologies for the reduction of co2 have already been there, but since 1990 the end-energy consumption has practically not fallen. Lesch: large growth markets are often associated with the word digitalization.

This is a huge problem: how should the economic curve rise and decrease our consumption of electricity when there are more electrical devices? The way to more innovation can be a small part of the solution, but environmental protection means above all obscure. That is never addressed in the energy debate, because it contradicts the concept of growth.

They move the pipes under the earth, but surface sealing is a huge problem. The whole industry is researching how we can produce more CO2 neutral. The durability of the products should also be included in the CO2 balance.

The alternatives are plastic pipes based on oil, with much worse CO2 balance. I am not a friend of forbidden, but of developing ideas and being open to technology. We have smart heads and scientists in Germany, Europe and all over the world, so I have trusted that we can do this together.

Herr lesch has put the word down. Röser: Christian social teaching puts everyone in the middle point into the freedom of the individual, in particular by the state, should remain as far as possible. I would encourage everyone to have an interest in getting involved and supporting.

Lesch: do they tell me an example where the German industry has only approximated itself due to its own responsibility for ecological purposes? Although it is influential with insecticidal violent, it takes to what extent the biosphere can develop at all. If we had allowed the energy industry to go on, they would have remained merciless with their coal because coal is cheap.

Harald lesch, born in 1960, is astrophysicist and science journalist. He is professor of physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and lecturer for natural philosophy at the University of philosophy. Since the mid 1990s he is known as a moderator of science shows such as “alpha centauri”, “terra x” and “frag den lesch”.

Lesch: it doesn’t have to be that we have political bans. The Corona pandemic is an example of a natural disaster that would limit our freedom by the fact that we all had become ill. If the quarantine measures had not been taken, the whole country would have been ill with Covid-19, as in the middle age, when the plague went through.

This would have been an absolute catastrophe in Germany with millions of people suffering. And because they have addressed the scholars, frau röser, it is precisely the science that repeatedly reminds us: if we continue to exploit nature, it will react! Our concept of freedom does not matter.

If we do not do anything, we will have the forecasts in 10, 15 years in Central Europe, there are one the haare to be found. Their children will live in a world where it will be as hot as in madrid in summer. Röser: but we must take all people and the economy and if we get scientists into the boat, we should also be economically involved.

A ban and barricade policy that divides the society also does not bring about climate protection. It is not a question of whether we need to operate climate protection, but how we do that. If we declare bans and take action, we destroy their business models, then jobs disappear.

Then we do not go on Fridays for the climate on the road, but because we have no more work. I think we need to create incentives and not run with the flag finger through the opposite and say: you can’t! Lesch: but where?

Far parts of the economy are down, there are fears of existence – and the dax reaches an all-time high. But we are not in a position to tax the stock exchanges so that a small part of the loan goes into education and infrastructure? Astrophysician harald lesch.

(Source: sebastian arlt)röser: the question is always: who meet redistribution and asset taxes at the end? Lesch: I have spoken of transaction taxes! Only with a functioning economy we can invest in climate protection.

On board the “Sea-Watch 4”: “after three years I have found my smiles again”lesch: the simplest solution would actually be to expand solar and wind energy massively. We need to consume less energy and decouple economic growth from energy consumption, that would be the master’s performance. If the annual energy consumption we had before corona continued to rise as bright as the suns in 800 years.

Example electromobility: is with the most electropositive element that there is lithium, which is super for batteries. It can’t be our goal, but we can drive millions of battery driven cars. You have to get out of a pure, dizzying debate, it’s about a change in the lifestyle that makes us feel better.

That is a good thing, and if we do not want to endanger democracy, it must be more just. When I hear we should drive, I have to say, this is a big city discussion. No country in the world will follow us if our climate protection leads to a desdustriization.

Only 20 percent of the electricity price go back to the pure market value, 80 percent are controlled and relocated. The emissions trading so that the quantity of certificates is oriented towards the pariser climate protection target, which limits the rise of temperature to 1.5 degrees celsius – would that be a way for them, woman röser? We cover the CO2 emissions, who is above it, pays fines and there are fewer and less CO2 certificates for years, which become more and more expensive.

That is the incentive for the economy to produce as CO2-neutral as possible. Lesch: it would be wonderful if that were all. We need good alternative games so that a start-up feeling is spreading in Germany.

There is a common in the allgäu, which produces six times more energy than it consumes as a cooperative model. All residents benefit from the fact that solar and wind power plants are in their environment. The Corona crisis has braked the economy at full speed and now all the investment ambulances have to be green.

Herr lesch, they know a lot about the limits of growth. But it takes forever to translate the knowledge of the natural sciences into climate protection. Lesch: there are days when I think: go to the piano and play easy.

It’s like sisyphos, I take the ball and roll it up the mountain and when I get up, I have a good overview. I’m trying to tell and explain what I see, so that those who don’t roll up the ball will learn what’s going on. But sometimes I frighten that the public does not want to perceive or can perceive many results of science.

I can’t save the world alone, but we two together, woman roast, we can try it. Röser: we can, dear lesch. Lesch: mut is the decisive point.

But the main thing is not to remain in this rigid one. The timeline of the Protestant church is accompanied every month with 1.6 million exemplary large daily and weekly newspapers – among others “süddeutsche Zeitung,” “the time,” “the world,” “world compact,” “world on Sunday” (north Germany,) faz (frankfurt, Rhein-Main), “leipziger volkzeitung” and “dresdner”. The extended output “chrismon plus” is available in the subscription as well as in the railway and airport booking trade.

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