Tanja szewczenko shares photo with twinsjungs: “here is geduld asked”

Tanja szewczenko shares photo with twinsjungs:
COLOGNE, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 24: Tanja Szewczenko is seen in the studio of the RTL Telethon (RTL Spendenmarathon) TV show on November 24, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The telethon is held every year and is on air for 24 hours. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

“here is geduld asked“tired tanja szewczenko shares photo with her twin boys22.05.2021, 14:37 uhr | mbo, t-onlineende april became tanja szewczenko mother of twins. In the meantime, the actress with the little youngs has been released from the clinic. Not even a month ago tanja szewczenkos twinsjungs leo and luis came to the world.

Since then, the 43-year-old actress and former excellent ice-cream runner regularly shares photos of the two babies. It shows a tired mother with her two tired earlys in poor. “I’m tired and drinking makes the young tired,” writes szewczenko, who with her man norman jeschke already has the ten-year-old daughter jona, to the picture on instagram.

They would fall asleep at the quiet “super fast”, according to the former “all what counts” actress, who sums up: “here is geduld asked.” Szewczenko writes: “the feeding naturally takes twice and three times as long and with winding as well as pumping clean, we need about one and a half hours.” All four would want to drink the twins, means that “maximum two hours for other things left” – “sleep included.”

Numerous fans leave loving comments or hearts, many write how beautiful they find the photo of the tired mother with their babies. Another person simply thinks: magic, and then there’s another user who explains: “It’s gonna be better, promised.”