Zidane schedules a meeting for his future: “I’ll talk to the club quietly”

Zidane schedules a meeting for his future:

The Frenchman said he is “shot for not winning the league” and that today “the important one is not me.” He asked the fans to be ” proud of so players.” Zinedine zidane is still defusing the margarita.

The French coach has contract with the real madrid but for the last few weeks it has made clear on several occasions that that agreement hangs on a thread. As in its previous stage, the third year is that of the turning point. “I’m fucked because we’ve lost the league,” he said about so sensations after beating the villarreal.

Zidane used the press conference to ask the hobby to be proud of his staff, to praise so footballers and to schedule a meeting with Florentine Perez in which the future of the Madrid bench will be resolved. “Today the important is not me.” “with time and calm, I’ll talk to the club quietly, but later, not now.

All people can be proud of the team, as I am, because the players have given it all. It’s a day to congratulate the entire staff. ” Zidane took advantage to congratulate the athletic, “they have deserved it, they have done a great season,” and acknowledged that despite fighting for the champions and the league, “it is a season without titles.”

Here we know where we are, we know what we have to get.