2nd bundesliga: wfl bochum and forth rise – kiel must in relegation

2nd bundesliga: wfl bochum and forth rise – kiel must in relegation
23.05.2021, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bochum: Fußball: 2. Bundesliga, VfL Bochum - SV Sandhausen, 34. Spieltag im Vonovia-Ruhrstadion. Bochums Stürmer Milos Pantovic (r) jubelt über sein Tor zum 1:0. WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Gemäß den Vorgaben der DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga bzw. des DFB Deutscher Fußball-Bund ist es untersagt, in dem Stadion und/oder vom Spiel angefertigte Fotoaufnahmen in Form von Sequenzbildern und/oder videoähnlichen Fotostrecken zu verwerten bzw. verwerten zu lassen. Foto: Guido Kirchner/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Irres finale in the 2nd ligabochum and forth rise – kiel in the relegation23.05.2021, 17:47 uhr | t-online, dpa, anb, sidwhat a rising final! It went back and forth. With the best output for the wfl bochum and greuther forth – holstein kiel has to extend and plays in the relegation against the 1st fc köln.

The wfl bochum is back in the league after eleven years. In the last season a 3:1 victory against sandhausen was enough for the climb. Greuther forth could cheer also after a 3:2-Sieg against düsseldorf – and this to tenth!

Holstein kiel must be extended after a bitter 2:3-lead against darmstadt and now plays in the relegation against the Bundesliga-16. Bochum gets the bowlbochum crowned himself with the victorious against sandhausen to the second league champion and celebrated the return to the upper house where the wfl last played in the season 2009/2010. “we were very constant and deserved to rise.

We were the favorite on the rise – and we confirmed it,” said klubikone michael lameck at sky: “It has been a qualify – ten years 2nd league. In the decisive game around the ascent brought milos pantovic the mannschaft by trainer thomas reis in führung (29.) Forths return after nine yearsriesenjubel also in franken: the eg greuther forth has forced their second rise into the Bundesliga redlich.

In under number defeated the team of trainer stefan leitl on Sunday with great moral and power exertion düsseldorf and displaced on the last playag with 64 points holstein kiel still from place two. Even after the red card of medium-fielder anton stach (45.+3) the forther did not give up and came back twice after a resignation. After the descent, the forther lay in the poor, outside the stadium cheered hundreds of fans who had supported their team.

It is for the forther the second ascent after 2012, “a miracle,” as the success coach called. Forth did not arrive at the performance limit in the first half, but grew out in under number after the break. Kiel misses straight upholstein kiel gave the direct ticket despite the guide still from the hand.

In 2018, the ksw had just missed the jump to the top in the decision games. Janni serra brought kiel early per head in guide (18.). Darmstadt’s torschützenkönig serdar dursun struck back after the side change with a double pack (51, 58.)

For kiel shortened finn bartels (87.