Anti-Covid vaccines and safety school, coast: “Possible free way for under 15 already from September”

Anti-Covid vaccines and safety school, coast:

In September all under 15 until 12 years will begin to receive vaccinations against Covid-19. The government therefore continues to give confirmation of what will happen if the European regulator and the Aifa (Italian agency of the drug) will be expressed in favor of the administration of the pfizer vaccine in the age 15-12 years. “I consider it possible to start anti covid vaccinations for boys and students since September, also considering the opportunity to administer the schools themselves,” he explained.

School institutions can therefore be the new vaccination hubs for adolescents, so called to contribute to the national plan for the fight against the virus. “At the moment, the hypothesis of a general obligation for anti covid vaccination appears premature,” he added, also in reference to the fear of a dangerous skepticism towards vaccines by the youngest.