Digital reformation: Protestant church carol now uses tiktok

Digital reformation: Protestant church carol now uses tiktok

Digital reformevangelical church köln uses now tiktokthe evangelical church cöln wants to reach more young people and now explains via tiktok various questions about the church. To reach young people for the goals of the faith, the Evangelical Church Association Köln started and region now a social media presence on tiktok, one of the most popular new media channels. What is the difference between a Protestant priest, a Catholic priest or a pastor?

Why is one of our celebrations called “christi heavenly drive?” This and others ask the Evangelical church association cereal and region on its new video channel. As carriers have chosen the initiators with tiktok one of the most frequented media, which especially young people between 13 and 23 years to consider or upload short videos.

“the videos have a good technical quality. That stands for a consistent quality,” the student justus judges the church at tiktok in the talk with t-online. That is not as long as other contributions on tiktok”.

“Church critics will be difficult to reach”Justus went to the church after his own details before the curly down and was also in the conciliation class. Who has nothing against the church might look at it. In the people who are critical to the church, it is likely difficult to reach them,” believes the 14-year-old.

“people meet where they are””The Protestant Church has often used new media developments aktiw. So the reformation with all the energy has put on the then new book print to spread its change impulses. In the digital time, it is up to us to use new media without shy and with joy of experimentation,” says andy ebels from the Evangelical Church Association of Cologne and region.

“It is important at any time to go to people in a suitable way and meet them where they are located. In every age class we want to be there for people and entertain them with exciting contributions, inform or go into exchange”. My best friend would probably also find it interesting, although he can’t start so much with the church in principle”.

Experiences with the new formats the association could already collect with its YouTube channel, on which about a year ago the series kirche2go started. The church on tiktok: short videos present belief principles and structures of the Protestant church. (source: apk)care of the presence therefore takes care of various authors of the amtes for presse and communication of the association.

Per week one to two new videos will be released with a term of less than one minute. Coming content will treat the best, the church year, martin luther, baptism and the rented thanksgiving. The production takes place from the first idea to the uploading of the videos by the employees.

Both the text creation, which speak and cut the sequences are done by the team, complements frauke komander from the amt for presse and communication. The Tiktok channel can also be accessed at There are already some used, but as far as I can see this cannot be #fyp “(for you page) for videos that are very popular”.

He also wishes to see more themes for the Tiktok channel. “why do people believe in what the Protestant Church teaches? I would also like to know something about the values of the church in terms of skin color or origin and sexuality”.