Marriages, government front on covid manager. gelmini: “It’s too expensive, we have to trust the rules.”

Marriages, government front on covid manager. gelmini:

No covid managers for weddings. The background on one of the main anti-virus rules decided by the government for the resumption of ceremonies, is announced today by the ministra mariastella gelmini that, live on Sunday up rai 1, explains the reasons for rethinking. “There will not be because it has been evaluated as an excessive cost, we trust and know that the respect for the rules is in the vast majority of cases, with space and number of guests proportional to the place”.

The regional business ministration has also expressed itself on the important role of the green pass that apparently the government is also planning for the entrance to the ceremonies: “There will also be for marriages.” Better not»during the Gelmini intervention, he then reiterated the government’s position on the question of vaccinations in holiday places: “The idea of vaccinating on holiday is suggestive, but we risk compromising the results of the vaccination plan.