Mount nyiragongo: vulkan near big city outbroken

Mount nyiragongo: vulkan near big city outbroken
22.05.2021, Kongo, Goma: Zwei Menschen sind gegen einen Nachthimmel zu sehen, der einen Vulkanausbruch rot gefärbt ist. Im Osten der Demokratischen Republik Kongo hat ein Ausbruch des Vulkas Mount Nyiragongo Panik in der Bevölkerung ausgelöst. Der aktive Vulkan befindet sich im Virunga-Nationalpark, knapp 20 Kilometer nördlich der Stadt Goma und damit nahe der Grenze zu Ruanda. (zu dpa: «Vulkanausbruch im Osten Kongos löst Panik aus») Foto: Justin Kabumba/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

mount nyiragongolava flows to volcanic eruption threaten airport23.05.2021, 02:22 uhr | sle, t-onlinein the Congo a volcano near the city of goma has broken out. The city center is threatened, a emergency plan was put into force. The outbreak of volcanic mount nyiragongo in the east of the democratic republic congo has triggered panic under the population.

As a part of the lava flow rolled in the direction of the city goma, thousands of people left their houses and fled towards the near border to Rwanda. The active volcano is located in the Virunga National Park, just under 20 kilometers north of the city goma and thus also near the border to ruanda. The volcano had broken out on Saturday evening against 19 o’clock local time (20 o’clock mesz).

The park is the most species-rich protected area and the home of the mountain gorillas threatened with extinction. Among the two million inhabitants of goma broke out on Saturday night panik. Thousands made themselves to the curse to the border in the neighboring Rwanda, where they were initially stopped.

In goma, in the night unrest in the central prison, as prisoners obviously feared about the volcanic eruption around her. Mount nyiragongo last broke out in 2002. lava destroyed large parts of goma at the time.