Nancy huston: “There is always a little girl who screams in me”

Nancy huston:
Nancy Huston, Canadian/French writer in June 2018. - Credit: Ulf Andersen / Aurimages (Photo by ULF ANDERSEN / Ulf Andersen / Aurimages via AFP)

nancy huston, March 17, 2021, at her place, at paris. Patrice Normand / leextrafrom her childhood to the English-speaking canada, the writer nancy huston keeps memories that keep feeding her shining work. Is 67 years old, she publishes a novel that is a shocking story about the quest for origins, as well as a collection of chronicles.

I wouldn’t have come here if…… if my mother, one day in 1959, had not decided to abandon her marriage and what was going on with: three children 8, 6 and 3 years old. It was an extremely courageous, feminist and thoughtful decision. Today, I would add even “ admirable”, even if, at the moment, the effects were devastating, both for her and for us, her children.

This gesture immediately inflicted a denial on all kinds of myths. He gave me a distance from what everyone takes for evidence. That is why it is a constituent of my being.

“life gives you gifts in good and evil,” says an African proverb I love. Well, that gesture of my mother was a gift, a huge gift… in pain. How do you consider something that hurts as a gift?

On the move, it was like a pass-through: my mother left, and my father’s new wife immediately took over. A very nice mother, the opposite of the maroon. But this smiling lie had something violent because it stifled the phrases of the genre: “Where is my mother?

The imperative of appearances could not prohibit grief…the great grief, I lived it a lot later. A surface, we formed a united and joyous family; a very large family since my mother-in-law had three other children. “I became a novelist at 6 years old.

But of course, I was going through internal interrogations, scenarios, hypotheses. It’s also very little time after this departure that I began to hear voices. I became a novelist at six.

This is the gift I am talking about. You still have 78.45% of this article to read.