Northern Italy: sacrificial number at gondola crash rises to 14 – Israeli family dead

Northern Italy: sacrificial number at gondola crash rises to 14 – Israeli family dead
Rescuers work by the wreckage of a cable car after it collapsed near the summit of the Stresa-Mottarone line in the Piedmont region, northern Italy, Sunday, May 23, 2021. A cable car taking visitors to a mountaintop view of some of northern Italy's most picturesque lakes plummeted to the ground Sunday and then tumbled down the slope, killing at least 13 people and sending two children to the hospital, authorities said. (Italian Vigili del Fuoco Firefighters via AP)

Heavy misfortune in northern Italysacrificial number at gondola crash rises to 14 – israeli family dead23.05.2021, 21:35 uhr | afp, dpa, ds, mk, slethe fall of a gondola on the laggo maggiore several people have died on Sunday. The cable car runs between the small place stresa on the western shore of the lake and the monte montarrone. (source: t-online/Reuters)a cable car gondola has crashed in the resort of stresa, on board were 15 passengers.

14 people died, a child is still seriously injured in the sick house. 14 people died on Sunday in the Italian province of Piedmont. According to Italian media, 15 people were in the gondola.

As the “times of israel” writes with a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among the victims six Israeli citizens, including a four-member family. Italian medien initially reported that among the victims there would also be two tourists from Germany. A spokesman of the outside amtes said t-online in the evening, however: “we are facing the tragic accident of the cable car Stresa-Mottarone in contact with the Italian authorities.

According to “corriere della serra” it is said to have been a five-year-old and a nine-year-old. The unfortunate occurred in the resort of stresa at the ufer des lago maggiore. The gondel was on the way from there to the summit of the monte montarrone at 1,491 meters.

According to reports, the crash site was near the mountain station. According to the information of Mayor severino, the gondola was after her impact still a piece rolled down the wooded mountain slope. Many people were trapped in the gondola and others were thrown out.

“the cabin is crashed from relatiw large height”on photos can be seen how a gondola on the floor lies in front of a forest lighting. A mountain climber said rainews24: “the cabin of the cable car is crashed out of relatiw large height and hit at the foot of a forest. The cable car gondola was on the 1,500 meter high peak of the monte montarrone and crashed from great height.

(Source: vigili del Fuoco/AP/dpa)the popular cable car in tourist connects in 20 minutes the beach resort of stresa with the almost 1,500 meter high mountain, which offers a spectacular view of the alps. “with great mourning I learned about the tragic accident of the Stresa-Mottarone-Seilbahn,” italiens minister president mario draghi told. According to the Italian postage agency ansa, the crash was probably caused by a cable crack in the top area of the stretch.

The cable car was overhauled from 2014 to 2016 and was only technically tested on the 24th april. Only since Saturday, the cable cars in Italy are allowed to start their operation again after months of closure due to the Corona pandemic.