Sainz’s ambition: “I’m happy, but he doesn’t know as well as he should.”

Sainz's ambition:

“it was all a matter of making a good exit. Then I felt very well with the car,” he says after his second place in the podium. The 78 laps through the streets of monaco, completed in 99 minutes, barely made mella in sainz carlos.

Nothing else to cross the goal, in front of the f1 microphones, the Spanish joked with david coulthard on the subject, when the Scots warned that he was not even sweating. “Perhaps you don’t train too much, but we’re in shape,” the ferrari pilot joked. A little later, already more seriously, he explained it in a much more precise way in dazn.

“when you’re comfortable with the car, you don’t get too long, because you’re getting close to the walls where you want to.” The joy of carlos, however, admitted several nuances, related to the ambition of those who did not see victory so far. “If you tell me before I came here that I finished second, I would certainly have accepted it.

After the abandonment of valtteri bottas, shortly before the equator of the test was reached, sainz settled in the second position thanks to the great rhythm of his sf21. Too much graining”I obviously feel happy, though not at all for the feeling of not having won. On the Sunday of Mercedes he had gone to the cross during the bottas stop, so ferrari had to tune to the maximum during the pit passage.

The only factor that had escaped control was the degradation of the left front tyres, with much more graining than expected. “bravo, carlos, it was a big weekend and you deserved the second place. Before traveling to bakú, stage of the sixth race of the world, sainz will still have time to taste this podium, the tecero of his life in f1, after the gp of brasil of 2019 and the gp of italia of 2020.

At the age of 26, after only five races with ferrari, this is like a mere starting point. In the same way as to verstappen and norris, 23 and 21, respectively, called to dominate the category in the immediate future.