San siro, memories of bundles and that future still to write

San siro, memories of bundles and that future still to write

From the second and third red ring you can see the skyscrapers of city life. Are night flashes in the horizon, symbols of a city of pride and ingenuity. A charming skyline that none of the fans, with the inaccessible stadium, has still seen.

San siro, italia. A piece of private history, of balloon life, of grandeur to be renewed. San siro to be destroyed or preserved?

The city used to live tomorrow, gasped in its avant-garde propensity, this time-out is granted. He wonders, with not a few patemi, if his history, his pride are still decisive and unreliable of his development. San Siro is the history of this metropolis.

Fan of the “old” san siroa thousand a substantial slice of intelligence (and not only) is asking insistently what is the ideal platform on which to make the final decision on the half that will be. What is the right criterion of choice for a tomorrow that does not smell of repentance. At the same time it is not a source of involution, but also an anti historical condition in the Milanese tradition.

They talked about it, juggling on the side of the “old San Siro”, roberto vecchioni, enrico mentana («Only a madman would scrape it»), some former players including alessandro “Spillo” altobelli. Contrasting the historical value to logic of financial growth, therefore sporty, of the two clubs.