TV-Eklat beim esc: took winner from italy drug in live broadcast?

TV-Eklat beim esc: took winner from italy drug in live broadcast?
Damiano David responds to questions at the press conference after his band Maneskin from Italy won the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest at Ahoy arena in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Saturday, May 22, 2021. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

Rockband måneskin aus romwilful for alleged drug use of ESC-winners23.05.2021, 13:51 uhr | dpa, t-online, rix”like a botanical of hope:” italien brings the ESC victory – here they see the reactions of the band on their triumph. (source: reuters)after over 30 years, the winner at this year’s eurovision song contest was finally called italien again. The young rock band with the name maneskin just got the first place before the competition from france.

(source: reuters)italien wins the esc with a rocksong – and in the net many users wonder about a scene from the score: did the frontman of the band måneskin consume live in tw drug? Is now determined against the ESC winner. In it the singer damiano bends with the head forward until his face almost touches the table.

At the subsequent press conference the winning band contradicted the accusations. The explanation for the alleged drug scene: the gitarrist the band has broken a glass. “we are shocked,” writes the band and announced to want to do a drug test.

Ebu determined against ESC winnerthe European round radio union (ebu) wants to look at the case more closely. If it really happens, the musicians will not refuse a drug test. “we are ready to be tested because we have nothing to hide,” they write at instagram.

Italien wins 2021 the escthe band måneskin won the esc surprising, as jury favorites were actually the contributions from france and the Swiss. Da bassistin victoria comes from dänemark, the group as band name chose the Danish word for mondschein: måneskin. She was known in her home with the casting show “X-Factor”.

In March 2021 she won the traditional festival di sanremo and was automatically set by rai, the public broadcasting agency italiens, as ESC participants. For italia it is the third victor – after 1990 and 1964.