Wishing, yes, but what?

Wishing, yes, but what?

Sex by Maiamaïa mazauretteWhat do men want – in bed? If you count on me to answer you, this Sunday will be terribly disappointing – which men? What are we going to do when men answer that really, honestly, in bed, they want some Viennese things?

To the point that the famous formula “what do women want?” is today a joke… despite clearly negative consequences. In 2019, a traumatic Ipsos/Memory study showed that a quarter of French people think that in bed, women know less well what they want than men. Even in our neighbours: an international amnesty-controlled investigation showed that one in five Belgians think that women don’t know what they want in the sexual field.

If these questions seem insoluble, it is because sexually, it is very difficult to know what we want. And because of the fact that we do not grow in bubbles, we learn the codes of sexuality (kiss, caress, enter) before we can develop our own preferences. We get acquainted with a roadmap, we try more or less to stick to it, and often the adventure stops there.

Others will follow them without asking questions… including when codes do not work. Instead of adapting their expectations to their bodies, they try to adapt their bodies to social expectations (a strategy rarely winning). Especially when they ignore the prostatic pleasure, to the detriment of their own sensations… once again to enjoy “as you need”.

The worst part is that most often, we don’t even stop the problem. I’m sorry, but in sexuality, we don’t do what we want or even (most often) what we can. We do what society (which never leaves us alone – by the way, did you declare your taxes?)

This is also true for libertarian grinders who strangle by reading this paragraph (repair a glass of water).